COYC History

2019 marks the 30th edition of  JA Europe Company of the Year Competition, the first European Competition was organized by the members of  Young Enterprise in 1989.

It was not only an event for young people, but it was one of the key meeting points of the year for the staff and board members of the network. Over time, and with the merger of  Young Enterprise Europe and JA International (Europe), the scope of the competition has grown.

This competition has been tried and tested for 30 years, with a tradition of rotating the hosting from country to country. This concept offer the fantastic opportunity for students to travel and for all participants to discover a specific entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The hosts of the last 15 competitions:

  • 2018: Belgrade, Serbia; Winner ‘SureLight‘ from UK
  • 2017: Brussels, Belgium; Winner ‘Festera‘ from Estonia
  • 2016: Lucerne, Switzerland; Winner ‘SubReader‘ from Denmark
  • 2015: Berlin, Germany; Winner -‘Rauteck‘ from Germany
  • 2014: Tallinn, Estonia; Winner ‘E-14 Magma‘ from Iceland
  • 2013: London, UK; Winner ‘3 little Pigs’ from Estonia
  • 2012: Bucharest, Romania; Winner ‘Sign4Life‘ from Ireland
  • 2011: Oslo, Norway; Winner – ‘Summit Enterprise‘ from the UK
  • 2010: Cagliari, Italy; Winner – ‘Pnööö’ from Switzerland
  • 2009: Rotterdam, Netherlands; Winner – ‘Touch of Green’, Estonia
  • 2008: Stockholm, Sweden; Winner – ‘Image BB’ Germany
  • 2007: Berlin , Germany ; Winner – ‘Deutsch Spaß’ from Ireland
  • 2006: Interlaken , Switzerland – ‘Know It’ from Germany
  • 2005: Oslo, Norway; Winner – ‘UCMe’ from Sweden
  • 2004: Valetta, Malta; Winner – ‘Primecut’ from Switzerland