AT&T Excellence in IT Award

JA Europe and AT&T are working to empower the next generation of IT‐driven innovators, by building key competences in entrepreneurship and business. Through this award, AT&T would like to recognize the efforts of the student company that demonstrates the best innovation-driven concept, with strong business potential and sustainability, as well as viability and scalability.

Award criteria

  1. IT driven innovation (40%): Has the company demonstrated innovative use of ICT (mobile technology, Collaboration Tools, Cloud based technology, Internet of Things or Internet of Everything) in their product or services? Is their product innovative and creative?
  2. Business potential and sustainability (30%): The vision and goals for the development of the business over the next years. Demonstrate that the solution represents sufficient business potential to justify the investment efforts and the risks to be taken. Show concrete steps have been taken to becoming a real and sustainable business.
  3. Viable & Scalable Business (30%): Realistic & practical, fulfils a need/recognize market gap, creates a new market

Meet the Jury

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“The sheer nature of what we do as a business is driving change in every part of society. This change needs a viable, creative and adaptive workforce that is prepared to face the changing needs of employers and customers. We hope the Excellence in IT Award from AT&T will help spark innovation and empower young people to use new technologies for personal, career and community growth”.
Peter Daly, Vice President, Global Service Management AT&T