JA Europe Company of the Year 2019

The Company of the Year Award recognizes the mini-companies who succeeded in demonstrating the outcomes of the JA Company Programme.

The main jury will assess the team on a list of criteria that require the students to demonstrate or explain their achievements in learning and their individual and group development as acquired while running a mini-company. Each year our CoYC jury consists of 10 outstanding men and women from across Europe. As senior professionals from a variety of organisations and businesses, the jury members are able to share their expertise and experience, providing key insights.

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Signature Awards

The best teams from each country will compete to receive not only the JA Europe Company of the Year Award but also additional awards:

AT&T Excellence in IT Award

AT&T Excellence in IT Award recognizes the student-company that demonstrates the best innovation-driven concept, with strong business potential and sustainability, as well as viability and scalability

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BNP Paribas Social Entrepreneurship Award

The BNP PARIBAS Social Entrepreneurship Award will award the student company which demonstrate a passion to change social patterns to make them more inclusive and environmental friendly by introducing new products/services or technologies, or by having a different approach than the traditional one.

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Citi Foundation Client Focus Award

The Citi Foundation Client Focus Award will recognize student enterprises that excel at creating value for their clients, listening to their clients and walking in their shoes to understand their world, anticipating and serving their changing needs.

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DELTA Innovation Award

Delta’s Innovation Award will be given to the student company which: has an innovative or effective approach for solving a problem or developing further a product, their idea has a potential to prosper and has an international prospect; their idea is easy to implement and has a functional business model.

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FedEx Access Award

FedEx believes entrepreneurs help build connections that can power the world. Because the company also believe a more connected world is a better world, they proudly support global entrepreneurship education.

The FedEx Access Award recognizes student-run businesses that best exhibit the principles of global connectivity.

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ManpowerGroup "Ready for Work" Award

The ManpowerGroup “Ready for Work” Award recognizes those teams that have best built work readiness skills during the competition. In 2019, ManpowerGroup will be presenting the award for the project that makes most significant impact on developing learnability, a key component of work readiness.

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MetLife LifeChanger Award

The MetLife LifeChanger Award aims to award student companies which best embraces the concepts social impact, financial performance and innovation in their business strategy while remaining a realistic plan in today’s marketplace.

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JA Alumni Leadership Awards

The Alumni Leadership Award is awarded to individuals, who demonstrate outstanding leadership skills, which impact their team and the JA company. With this award, JA Alumni Europe wishes to recognise and honour the personal strength of the individuals in a successful team.

Furthermore, the award aims to bring renewed attention and visibility to the alumni network and the importance of sustaining the passion for entrepreneurship, and staying connected, even after a JA Europe programme has come to an end.

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