40 teams will compete during the JA Europe Company of the Year Competition.

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JA Albania

Have you ever seen abandoned military wooden crates dating since the beginning of the Cold War? PAZO has! Coming from a small city that once lived upon producing arms, today we make art and money by them! We collect, clean and reshape old military crates’ pieces and make paintings, personalized motivation board & furniture’s by an eco- friendly approach.
We give them life, we dust the conflict out of them, we revive and reinvent them in shapes, colors & images, manifesting life, hope & peace!



JA Austria

The idea of Stodtbluamlan is to introduce our hometown Klagenfurt, history and handcraft of embroidery by new means of jewellery. What makes our product so special is the fabric we use, specifically designed for our school. The city map fabric shows the downtown of Klagenfurt in black and white on which we stitched the flowers in different colors. The lockets combine tradition and modernity, know-how and creativity, history and innovation as well as luxury and the Carinthian art of living.


Osmos Beer

JA Belgium / Les Jeunes Entreprises

We are a mini-company of four young people from Brussels who have developed a customizable non-alcoholic beer using flavors contained in our packs and recipes available on our website. Our goal? Fight the stereotype of non-alcoholic beer as being too bland, dissuading many people from consuming it. We offer a bio alternative, playful and adapted to your taste, with which you can be creative and have fun finding new flavor mixtures that suit you.



JA Belgium - VLAJO

We are 6 enthusiastic pupils from a Belgian secondary school named 'Sint-Ludgardis' in Merksem (near Antwerp). One of our passions is economics, and so we all would like to know more about running a business. That is the reason why we started our mini-company, and we brought a new product to the market named 'Funimal', an original, educational and ecological card game with a social value. Thanks to a unique concept you can playfully learn our Dutch language.



JA Bulgaria

We are a group of five young people, trying to solve a global problem - the ecological crisis caused by the plastic pollution and more specifically - the high number of single use plastic products in the environment. For this reason we have invented a biodegradable plate, made of corn leaves. It is meant to act as an alternative for the disposable plastic plates. Our participation in the Junior Achievement (JA) Company Program was useful for us because we learned to work in a team and gained valuable insights into the development of sustainable and small business. We are motivated to understand how far we can get and the fact that more and more people are aware of the damage plastics inflict on our planet makes us confident that our plates will be accepted by the consumers and we will make a worthwhile contribution to coping with the environmental crisis our world faces.



JA Cyprus

Ballywool is producing reusable, handmade, woolen-balls, free of any chemicals, to be used within dryer and washing machines.By placing woolen-balls into the machines, households can save money, time and energy by decreasing laundry's drying and washing time.Also, when properly used, may reduce the amount of laundry detergents throughout a washing machine circle.Our business aims to promote energy consciousness through daily and simple choices within the general effort to protect our environment.



JA Czech

We are a mini-company from Czech Republic. We produce and sell waxed napkins for snacks which are reusable and washable. It is an environmentally friendly substitute for a plastic bag. 100% cotton and beeswax is used for production. We hope to make a small step to help with the plastic problem that our planet has to face.


Hush Hush Underwear

Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship

Hush-Hush Underwear provides girls with bFree - an innovative soft bra with built-in discrete holding of two sanitary pads. As a company we are not only helping young girls accomplish their job-to-be-done when needing sanitary pads in school, but also in general working on strengthening girls when facing taboos involving menstruation. Using social media and workshops to stay on wavelength with the girls, we are able to give them confidence and courage in a new and very fragile phase of their lives.



JA Estonia

Student Company Brand was the first one to bring men's hair styling products which are made from natural components to Estonian market. We promote overall health of the hair and our biggest priority is to offer people high quality products for a reasonable price. For now our products are sold in several beauty salons all over Estonia. Giving an average person a real chance to maintain their health through beauty products is the way we pursue to make the world a better place. We are Brand.


Belle Maison NY

JA Finland

We manufacture high-quality interior design products from wood and concrete. The material that we use for our products, comes from the construction site waste.

We focus to make our products functional as well as visually pleasing.



JA France - Entreprendre pour Apprendre

carBIOrante is a company founded by 9 young entrepreneurs from the French school of Santo Domingo. Our goal is to recycle used vegetable oils, filter them and sell them as biofuels here in the Dominican Republic. We believe everyone wins in this business model : the environment, our clients and our suppliers.



JA Georgia

Llampa is a company that produces innovative night lamps controlled with a mobile phone application, which was also made by the company. Other than making their customers lives easier, the main goals of the company are to popularize STEM fields and help people with disabilities. The night lamps are handmade lamps can be turned on and off with a smartphone and user can also change the colors of lighting. And come in a large variety of designs suitable for customers of any taste.



JA Germany - IW Junior

Our company name meehr is a pun in German language: It means more and it means ocean. We fight for less pollution and for more sustainability - for a cleaner and healthier future on our planet!
Our aim is to stop the increasing pollution of the ocean by plastic. Only 4 weeks ago, plastic was even found in the deepest point of the ocean. Therefore, we produce long-lasting stylish grocery bags that are made of upcycled old fishernets. No new resources are needed, but many resources will be saved.



SEN - JA Greece

Saveat is an innovative web platform, aiming to reduce the overall amount of wasted surplus food and to aid its redistribution to welfare organizations. It informs consumers about products being sold at a discount in nearby supermarkets as they are close to expiry. It engages all participants of the supply chain in an effort to combat world hunger by offering financial benefits to the businesses introducing the platform into their workflow and to consumers who make it part of their routine.


Mystery Box

JA Hungary

The MysteryBox is the world first international, outdoor escape room, in its kind. It’s just you,, a Mystery and The Box.
It’s not an escape room, you want to get in. So just,
And find your way into our


Ro Box

JA Iceland

Ró-Box is a company that focuses on making technology more accessible for everyone. We create products that provide people with educational adventures learning robotics and programming. Our kits come with simple instructions that are easy to follow. Along with selling the product we will have courses where kids can use Ró-Boxs product as a learning tool for robotics and programming.


Save The Seas

JA Ireland

Save the Seas is an online store that sells products with a marine and nautical theme. We give a percentage of our profits to marine and ocean pollution charities around the world, to help stop the epidemic of ocean pollution. We got the idea for our company when we saw first-hand the damage plastic pollution is doing to our oceans and marine life around the world.



JA Israel

Together is a company founded by 11 students from Yitzhak Rager school in Beer Sheva, Israel.
The company's vision is to increase social connections between sighted, blind & visually impaired kids by changing the board games world. Together is the first original board game that combines sighted, blind & visually impaired children and enables them to play together. This game conveys a social & educational message, introduces kids to the world of accessibility & make sure that every child counts.



JA Isle of Man

Hello we are 'Gravity' from Ballakermeen High School in the Isle of Man. We aim to reduce plastic pollution by introducing a range of products made from bamboo. All of our products are biodegradable and will breakdown in a landfill site in as little as 3 weeks.
They include the bambrush (toothbrush) and bambuds (cotton buds).
The Isle of Man is a UNESCO Biosphere nation and we have been designated a UNESCO Biosphere partner due our commitment to reduce plastic waste. Visit


Farm Animal Trade

JA Italia

Farm Animal Trade JA is designed to support individuals or farms in the sale of farm animals, offering an innovative web-based service that simplifies and updates this process, ensuring the traceability of the origin of the products, reducing costs and with strong scalability. The service offered by F.A.T. it is aimed at all breeders, but mainly at young entrepreneurs who have carried out their first settlement in agriculture.



JA Latvia

Wheelift is a multi-functional and innovative wall mount, which is suitable for different kinds of sport`s equipment.
Wheelift provides the possibility to store– bicycles, skis, snowboards and skateboards of all sizes – vertically by the wall. Thanks to Wheelift it is possible to use up the usually unutilized space in a home, making your everyday life more spacious and comfortable.



JA Lithuania

BIORAS creates new generation air fresheners filled with activated impregnated carbon which has great features of absorbing any kind of smell or harmful chemicals. The product is innovative not only by its different air purifying mechanism but also by its feature to produce zero waste. BIORAS is contributing to the circular economy as its main ingredient carbon can be used as a fertilizer for your plant rather than just being thrown away.


Say It

Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg

Say It, was founded to help large companies or corporations to develop their relationship with their customers. We want to give consumers the chance to express themselves and to be heard by those companies, who can change their production, service or other concerns in some ways to please the demand. We revolutionise the Luxembourgish market research because we create a film, showing the first authentic and honest reaction of the consumers.


Code B

JAYE Malta

The mission of Code B. is to help people with their waste management by making life as simple & convenient as possible through the effective sorting of waste to decrease waste ending up in landfills. Code B. have developed an App “BinIT” that provides notification and information to facilitate waste sorting for its users while also providing a reporting feature.


QECO Smart Shower

JA Moldova

We design devices that reduce waste of water in the bathroom. We are working with construction companies to ensure that our technology reaches as many people as possible. From our tests by using our solutions you can save up to 42.157 l per apartment.


Green Innovative Gift Goods

JA Netherlands / Jong Ondernemen

We from GIGG make sustainable gift goods from growing paper. If you put the paper under the ground it will grow too a flower and you will have a good memory. It is not only a little present it is more than that. With our product we reduce the ecological footprint. There is more than only a gift. We make also books from growing paper. In these books kids learn how they make vegetables. Interested? Visit our stand in, we would love that!

GIGG, Go for green!


MedTech Macedonia

JA Macedonia

“MedTech” offers a product called Smart Pills Box. The product is the perfect solution for people who regularly consume pills. The box contains 7 compartments for each day of the week for on-time consumption of specific medicine at the exact hour of the day. The sections are equipped with a diode which indicates a sound signal. In case the user fails to receive a signal the smart pill box also sends a message to a smartphone The product is offered in 3 editions and is made of recycled material.


Evolant UB

JA Norway / Ungt Entreprenørskap

The mini-company Evolant UB will improve safety in the maritime industry and make salvage operations of vessels at sea more efficient, environmentally friendly and economically. We have developed an innovative solution that will stabilize and keep vessels exposed to accidents, floating until repairs can be made or to a floating dock will arrive at the site. This system is called Aquabow.



JA Poland / Fundacja Młodzieżowej Przedsiębiorczości

Take&Tie - a mini-company from Edward Dembowski Comprehensive High School Nr.1 in Zielona Góra is a company whose activity is based on designing and distributing extraordinary laces. In a wide range of colors, with different patterns, our laces are a phenomenal way to renew your footwear, stand out from the crowd and look extraordinary. With great attention to environmental protection, the products are packaged in eco-friendly boxes that we encourage our customers to reuse for other purposes. Take&Tie’s products are available at numerous stationary points of sale or on our online store, where you can shop, design your own shoelaces or just play our very own video game. Take&Tie - extraordinary laces for extraordinary people.


Bling Bling

JA Portugal

BlingBling company aims to provide easy and eco solutions to technological problems that humanity is faced with daily. In order to achieve this, SunRise was created, a practical and portable product that produces energy, in a sustainable way, to charge electronic devices. The ``SunRise`` is the set of a “sun station” platform with a solar panel with 6 inputs to charge power banks, the sunnies. The solar panel creates energy that is stored in the “sunnies” and later used to charge a smartphone.



JA Romania

Neverwaste is a new rising business focused on offering integrated solutions for home use plastic recycling thus contributing to solving a world problem, plastic pollution.
We offer a home use device destined to shred plastic bottles for easier disposal, easier use in recycling and, even more, turning plastic waste into 3-D base printing material.
We are a group of 5 teenagers, willing to do our part to help the environment, using our knowledge and resources to build a cleaner future.
Neverwaste plastic, four your clean future!


Bird's inn

JA Russia

The Birds’Inn Company designs and manufactures bird houses and bird feeders. Our mission is to save birds from extinction by providing them with home and food. Our products are made and decorated by hand. By purchasing it, you will get: new feathered neighbors, a beautiful decoration for your house and garden, an effective means to combat insects without the use of chemicals. Join us in taking care of birds, create your feeders and birdhouses or come to us to buy them.



JA Serbia

BioAlly is an instant juice powder that refreshes the body and gives it extra energy. It’s gluten-free and all the components like orange aroma, vitamin C and B are organic. The main component and the reason why this juice is highly effective is cow milk whey - a cure for all diseases!



JA Slovakia

JA Company Eso brings a skiing accessory Odneski, which combines the best of functionality of ski bands and a ski bag. It keeps the skis bound togehther and allows you to hang them over your shoulder. When Odneski is not currently used, it easily fits in any pocket. The box contains 7 compartments for each day of the week for on-time consumption of specific medicine at the exact hour of the day. The sections are equipped with a diode which indicates a sound signal. In case the user fails to receive a signal the smart pill box also sends a message to a smartphone The product is offered in 3 editions and is made of recycled material.


Nebeski jogurt

JA Slovenia

DIY Heavenly yogurt is an innovative and educative set for preparation of an excellent home-made yogurt with wonderful heavenly flavours. Everyone can choose their favourite flavour of the yogurt.
The priority of this set is that you can make it in only one minute just with a little bit of water, that is the source of life. The set contains all ingredients for a fast and healthy meal.


Water Safe

JA Spain

We are a team of five young entrepreneurs from Girona (Spain) who have created WaterLight, a device with a traffic light to make the population aware that clean water is an increasingly scarce resource and help them to reduce the amount of water spent in the shower, thus preserving the environment better. With WaterLight we guarantee a saving of at least 50% of water consumption in showers.


Raw Straw

JA Sweden / Ung Foretagsamhet

On our mission is to find a sustainable alternative to single use plastic straws, Rawstraw offers the perfect solution for businesses and people looking for an environmentally friendly substitute. We produce all-natural, locally harvested and biodegradable straws from Swedish rye. Our rye straw is grown by local farmers in southern Sweden and is then cut, washed, packaged and sold to our customers. We want to save the world, one straw at a time.



Young Enterprise Switzerland

Frisi is a regionally produced syrup that comes in a variety of fancy flavors, its exclusive flavors make it stand out from the crowd, our syrup is produced without any artificial additives and our seasonal assortment of Frisi is enjoyed all year round as it is both cold and warm served.


Entella Company

JA Turkey

Mareen will add a value which is very important to our world: waste management, which is caused by overusage of natural resources. Our product collects any waste product on the sea.


Bath Bath

Young Enterprise UK

Bath infusion tea bags inspired by influential women. Each tea bag contains Epsom salts, natural dyes, oats, scented oils and dried plant leaves. Comes packaged with tissue paper and an information leaflet about the chosen woman.