JA Europe Company of the Year 2019

The Company of the Year Award recognises the mini-companies who succeeded in demonstrating the outcomes of the JA Company Programme.

The main jury will assess the team on a list of criteria that require the students to demonstrate or explain their achievements in learning and their individual and group development as acquired while running a mini-company. Each year our CoYC jury consists of 10 outstanding men and women from across Europe. As senior professionals from a variety of organisations and businesses, the jury members are able to share their expertise and experience, providing key insights.

The jury of JA Europe “Company of the Year” Awards 2019 will nominate: Winners – 2nd place and 3rd place

The best teams from each country will compete to receive not only the JA Europe Company of the Year Award but also additional signature awards. Each year JA Europe gathers distinguished partners to help select some of the top mini-companies during the competition. Each award is deliberated on by a special Signature Award Jury.

The Competition takes place during 2 consecutive days and includes the following stages:

1. Submission of a Company Report

Each team will submit a company report to the juries prior to the competition. It provides an opportunity to demonstrate how effective the team is in presenting, to a business partner, the processes, performance, results, and future potential of the company. The report will present an overall overview of the company, an executive summary, analysis of overall business performance and financials.


2. Panel Interview with the Judges

Each mini-company will have an interview with its panel of judges.  The interview is an opportunity to give more information about the mini-company and revise the opinion judges created on the team in previous stages. The interview is also an opportunity to motivate the students by giving them positive feedback on their achievements.

3. On-Stage Presentation

The Stage Presentation provides an opportunity to demonstrate, by making a presentation in front of the public, how effective the team is in getting a potential business partner (e.g. an investor, a distributor, etc.) excited about the business. The presentation should summarize the key experiences and achievements of the mini-company and demonstrate the learning outcomes of the JA Company Programme.

4. Company Exhibition Stand Interview

The judges will interview the mini-companies at their stand during the trade-faire where all participating teams will present their products/services.  The Stand Interview provides an opportunity to demonstrate how effective the team is in utilising the trade fair setting for presenting their business and their selling techniques when offering the product/service to a potential customer.