FedEx Access Award

FedEx believes entrepreneurs help build connections that can power the world. Because the company also believes a more connected world is a better world, they proudly support global entrepreneurship education. The FedEx Access Award recognizes student-run businesses that best exhibit the principles of global connectivity.

How can your team win the FedEx Access Award?


Make sure you and your team take 10 minutes to watch the FedEx Access Presentation. This will give you all the information you need to know how to qualify your mini-company for the FedEx Access Award. Be sure to watch the whole presentation through to the end. You’ll be given instructions you’ll need to compete for the FedEx Access Award.


You will attend the FedEx Seminar during the Company of the Year Competition. During the seminar, FedEx representatives will covers trade, job creation, and global logistics and you can learn more about how your businesses can open new markets and create products/services that improve lives around the world. Be sure to pay attention to the webinar before the seminar starts! Prizes will be awarded to student teams that successfully pass the FedEx Access webinar quiz during the FedEx Access Seminar.


In order to win the prestigious Access Award, you need to demonstrate how your company meets as many of these criteria as possible:

  1. Driven by innovation
    Fresh, original ideas are more important than ever in today’s global, knowledge-based economy. Has your company shown it can TRANSLATE IDEAS OR INVENTIONS into a good or service that creates value — and that customers will pay for?
  2. Connecting to new markets
    Some companies have barriers when they are building a global supply chain or trying to export their products. Is your business OPERATING ACROSS BORDERS, whether reaching out to a nearby town or around the world for sourcing or distribution?
  3. Fueling community development
    Small businesses are drivers for job growth and economic development, increasing wealth and prosperity. How did your company CREATE JOBS and ECONOMIC GROWTH in your community or other communities?
  4. Sustainability and social responsibility
    The ability to address environmental and social impacts is essential in today’s business climate.
    How is your company MEASURING ITS IMPACT — and striving to GIVE BACK?

FedEx Access Awards at JA Europe Company of the Year Competition

Berlin, 2015

Lucerne, 2016

Brussels, 2017

Belgrade, 2018