FedEx Access Award

FedEx believes entrepreneurs help build connections that can power the world. Because the company also believes a more connected world is a better world, they proudly support global entrepreneurship education. The FedEx Access Award recognizes student-run businesses that best exhibit the principles of global connectivity.

How can your team win the FedEx Access Award?


Make sure you and your team take 10 minutes to watch the FedEx Access Presentation. This will give you all the information you need to know how to qualify your mini-company for the FedEx Access Award. Be sure to watch the whole presentation through to the end. You’ll be given instructions you’ll need to compete for the FedEx Access Award.


You will attend the FedEx Seminar during the Company of the Year Competition. During the seminar, FedEx representatives will covers trade, job creation, and global logistics and you can learn more about how your businesses can open new markets and create products/services that improve lives around the world. Be sure to pay attention to the webinar before the seminar starts! Prizes will be awarded to student teams that successfully pass the FedEx Access webinar quiz during the FedEx Access Seminar.


In order to win the prestigious Access Award, you need to demonstrate how your company meets as many of these criteria as possible:

  1. Driven by innovation
    Fresh, original ideas are more important than ever in today’s global, knowledge-based economy. Has your company shown it can TRANSLATE IDEAS OR INVENTIONS into a good or service that creates value — and that customers will pay for?
  2. Connecting to new markets
    Some companies have barriers when they are building a global supply chain or trying to export their products. Is your business OPERATING ACROSS BORDERS, whether reaching out to a nearby town or around the world for sourcing or distribution?
  3. Fueling community development
    Small businesses are drivers for job growth and economic development, increasing wealth and prosperity. How did your company CREATE JOBS and ECONOMIC GROWTH in your community or other communities?
  4. Sustainability and social responsibility
    The ability to address environmental and social impacts is essential in today’s business climate.
    How is your company MEASURING ITS IMPACT — and striving to GIVE BACK?

Meet the FedEx Access Awards jury

Lynda Baumann

Managing Director, Planning and Engineering Hub Operations, FedEx Express Europe

Having joined the company in 2001, immediately after graduating as an engineer, Lynda describes herself as ‘a pure FedEx product’. She is currently the Managing Director of Planning and Engineering for Hub Operations, having spent the majority of her time at FedEx in a Planning and Engineering role. She spent four formative years managing operations – a position which took her out of her comfort zone but provided an opportunity to gain experience managing hands-on aspects of the business, such as dealing with the impacts of inclement weather and, notably, the eruption of an Icelandic volcano which grounded aircraft in western and northern Europe in 2010. In 2012, she returned to a project-based role in Planning and Engineering and five years later became Managing Director to this department. Sustainability and collective social responsibility are key components of the objectives she sets for her teams. Throughout the past academic year, Lynda has volunteered her time as a professional mentor to a group of students participating in entrepreneurial education programs delivered by Entreprendre pour Apprendre. The French non-profit received a charitable grant from FedEx Express Europe under the global entrepreneurship focus area of FedEx Cares.

Jerome Ovion

Vice President Hub Operations and Transport France, FedEx Express Europe

Jerome began his FedEx career in 2004, as an assistant team leader at the Charles-de-Gaulle FedEx facility. The following year he became Operations Team Lead, overseeing a team of 30 people, and went on to gain diverse professional experience within the company. A graduate of industrial engineering, Jerome acted as a Senior Industrial Engineer, a Financial Planning & Analysis Advisor, and a Senior Manager of Operations at FedEx Express for Eastern France. In that role he grew a team of 100 people and managed the opening of eight new FedEx Express facilities in Eastern France. Before being appointed Vice President of Hub Operations and Transport, Jerome led a team made up of over 1,500 employees as the appointed Managing Director of Operations for FedEx Express France. Jerome actively supports the company’s social and environmental responsibility efforts, participating as executive spokesperson to external activities and engaging with internal initiatives in support of local causes under FedEx Cares.

Pierre Bonhomme

Senior Internal Communications Specialist France, FedEx Express Europe

Before moving in to a communications role, Pierre managed teams in both Operations and Customer Service. As an energised and personable team member, he coordinates the French FedEx Cares program, engaging team members in various social and environmental responsibility activities, such as this year’s food donations program for Les Restos du Coeur. Pierre has coordinated employee participation in the JA Enterprise Without Borders program, supported by FedEx Express via a charitable grant given to French Junior Achievement organisation, Entreprendre pour Apprendre. The program has engaged over a dozen mentors from various disciplines and levels of the business, to provide coaching and professional guidance to student company teams in some of the less privileged schools in Paris. Pierre has participated as a mentor throughout this academic year, before joining the FedEx expert panel to decide the winner of the FedEx Access Award in at the JA Europe Company of the Year Competition in Lille.

Harald Schoenfelder

Harald Schoenfelder

Vice President Clearance Operations, FedEx Express International

With over 30 years’ experience in the express transportation industry, Harald is a highly-regarded expert on global trade. Overseeing a team of almost 2,500 customs clearance professionals in Europe alone, he is rightfully positioned as the ‘face’ of the FedEx Access Award. Having begun his career with the small team that opened DHL’s first air hub in Belgium, he specialised in moving dutiable shipments and soon developed expertise in clearance processes, regulations and operations. In 1990 Harald joined FedEx Express Europe, where he has made clearance operations a competitive differentiator for customers within the express logistics industry. Having worked in Europe, Middle East, India and the USA, Harald is very much an ambassador for the principles of Access – encouraging positive collaboration between customs and express carriers to maximise efficiency. He was chairman of the Customs Committee of the European Express Association ( ) for 16 years and is a long time Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport UK.
“To compete in the current global trade environment, businesses require fast access to their customers. Regulatory compliance and speed are both essential components in building a competitive advantage for our customers and helping them achieve their global trade ambitions.”

Helena Jansson

Senior Vice President, Finance – International, FedEx Express

As SVP Finance – International, Helena leads the FedEx Express and TNT Express Finance teams across Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.
Helena joined FedEx in 1995 as Senior Financial Analyst, EMEA and, after holding positions in several functions across the Finance organization, was promoted to VP, Finance, EMEA in 2009.
Helena has had particular success leading the redesign of processes and systems. Her leadership has promoted a culture of continuous improvement in control and accounting processes – particularly those where automation can play a key role.
In 2015, she was appointed VP Finance - Europe. In that role, Helena led the Financial Planning & Analysis for the Europe region, including decision support for the European businesses, with responsibility for all FedEx Ship-to-Collect processes.
Helena actively supports the FedEx Finance Talent Management program – an initiative close to her heart – and also sits on the board of non-profit organisation JA Europe. Helena advocates for entrepreneurial education programs, such as the JA Worldwide Company Program and Enterprise without Borders – both of which have enjoyed long-term support from FedEx Express in Europe.
Prior to joining FedEx, Helena was a Management Consultant in Sweden for two years, then Lead Auditor at Philip Morris in their Brussels offices for another two years. She was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, and graduated from the University of Linkoping, Sweden. She has lived in Belgium for over 25 years and has two children, Linn (16) and Eric (13).

FedEx Access Awards at JA Europe Company of the Year Competition

Berlin, 2015

Lucerne, 2016

Brussels, 2017

Belgrade, 2018