Alumni Leadership Award

Dear Teachers,

First of all, thank you for our great support over the last year. We look forward to meet all the students in Lille in the beginning of July this year.

It is a HUGE pleasure to introduce the 7th JA Alumni Europe Leadership Award at the JA Europe CoYC! And we are now ready for nominees!

We need your help to nominate your best students to compete for The Alumni Leadership Award.

The Award is given to outstanding individual students showing that extra initiative and leadership during the program. Please help us select the best students from your national team who fit to the criteria below (max. 2 nominees)

Link for nominations here:

The deadline for submission is 19 June 2019 at noon .

Following procedure:

The nominated students will receive an invitation to join an evaluation panel interview, on 5th of July during the JA Europe Company of the Year Competition.
The selected students will also be visited at the Trade Fair stands. The Winners of the Alumni Leadership Award 2019 will be announced during the CoYC Awards Dinner.

Criteria & Award info:

The JA Alumni Leadership Award is an individual award that only 10 students receive at the JA Europe Company of the Year Competition. The holder of this award certificate has been recognised as a JA Alumni Leader, standing out as individual showing role model behaviour, possessing leadership skills, team solidarity and real JA Alumni spirit.

Thereby, the appield evaluation fields, criteria and their respective weighting are the following:

Role Model Behaviour (25%)
❏ Honesty
❏ Constant Development
❏ Entrepreneurial Spirit

Leadership Skills (25%)
❏ Clear Vision
❏ Proactivity
❏ Responsibility

Team Player (25%)
❏ Communication Skills
❏ Team Development Focus
❏ Integrity

Alumni Spirit (25%)
Giving Back
Sustainable Thinking

Meet the JA Alumni Europe Jury

Alice Lassman

Alumni from UK, participated in the CoYC 2015 in Berlin

Àkos Baumgartner

Alumni from Hungary, participated in the JA Student Company Program 2014

If you have any questions, please contact our responsible person, Ragna Jebsen at
Thank you very much for your cooperation!